I'm Trying / 8/21/2016 at 17:09
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Assalamualaikum and good evening
well, it's been a long time I write for this blog. Dulu kalau dah lama tak update blog, they'll say what, urmm 'blog berhabuk', something like that right? I'm still keeping this blog, because this is one of my memories, about KPOP, friends, blogging. All those things, I really miss them. Now what I'm doing?Ouh, ouh, I have semester holiday. Dah jadi budak universiti dah budak ni. Kihkihkih. Dulu masa form 2,form 3, I updated this blog everyday kot.

I'll try to improve my speaking in english slowly. But I don't know somehow when I want to speak, my mind and mouth do not work together. They are not syncronize. I want to speak in english, but my mind doesn't want to think. How on earth I want to talk. Huaaaaa. I really want to keep away those shy things and overcome the wall that I've been made since I was a child. Please please. Amira you better do anything, or else you'll never improve. I'll try my best. Ganbatte Amira. And keep using new,rare,special vocabulary. You've to read english book dude. You better start to read now, now. I'm warning you right now.*talking to myself. Maybe I should talk to the mirror right now.

okay, gotta go. Bye.

 Be positive. 

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