EXAM HAMPIR TIBA!! / 5/11/2011 at 18:22
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hello guys...
what you're doing right now?
hopefully in the pink of health....hahaha
not in the mood right now
so,update blog lha..
lazy to do homework
plus,tonight I've tuition
urghhh!!!want to throw away sifat malas
If there is have medicine to treat sifat malas tu
long time,I'll buy it
hahhaa...sory,mixed talk...BM+BI
urm.next week I'll have exam
pressure+tension(is it same?whatever)
want to do a revision...
hope u all pray for me good luck okay
I hope my results increased
okaylah,want to watch CINTA MELODY
next time,I'll story about CINTA MELODY okay...

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