New Year, New Resolution / 1/01/2015 at 07:57
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usually is very special day to mostly people. Before 1.1.2015, we'll listen of course the sound of fireworks. LOL. So,  my new resolution is to be more confident and try to expose me in front of other people. And do not want to become a clumsy girl. I'll try to.

So, my 3 months early, I'll be spending more time with the IE student. Proceeding to become the monters huh. muahahahah. Actually Ms Jamuna asked us to write the diary. Sorry Ms, I really don't like to keep the diary. Because everyday, I'll spend my whole day, week, months in front of laptop. Maybe it looks like lifeless. Yeah, maybe. But this is the only thing I can do. Hahahah. So, I'll try to do writing on the blog. Try as hard as I can

New year lead to the new resolution. Let's make this year is better than last year. Maybe we are not good enough to close ourselves to Allah. And we should be glad that we are given the chances from Allah, so that we can berhijrah to be a good person in the new year. It's not that we are not given the chances, but we are too lazy to find the chances. Chances are everywhere guys. Let's use our time wisely. 

that's all from me. sorry for the broken english. I'm newbie. LOL. 11 years learnt English, but still not good in this subjet. That's what Ms said. So deep. 

Bye yeom. Assalamualaikum.

We give the good things, we'll get better than that.

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